Send Direct to your Loved One

From your device you can have your Personal Message hand-written in the Greeting Card of your choice bundled with a present and sent direct you love one. No need to leave the house or worry about postage niggles, we do it all for you!

Below we have laid out the simple process...

How to Send a Greeting Card Direct to your Loved One

1. Choose Your Greeting Card

Browse the wide range of super cute Greeting Cards hand designed by Sophie.

2. Add Personal Message

When you select a Greeting Card you will see an option to "Add Personal Message" (you have to click into the product reather than add to cart from the collection page).

3. Add a Present

Add a gift to your bundle to make it more special and plant another tree.

Click into a Greeting Card Product to add your Personal Message
Gift wrap your bundle too

4. Checkout

Once you have added to cart a Greeting Card with a personal message, & if you choose, a Present, go to the Cart.

This is where you can choose to have your bundle Gift Wrapped.

Then carry on to the Checkout.

In the Shipping address fields make sure to put the address of your loved one.

Then make payment and you're done!

We will hand-write your message into the greeting card, package it all up with the present, (if you chose to add one) and send it direct to your loved one while you can sit back, have a cup of tea and enjoy that you have planted some trees!

Have questions or issues? please get in touch below or with Live Chat to the right.